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Choosing a Real Estate Agent

If you're like most people, you already know a real estate agent – and maybe even a couple. After all, they're an important part of the community and work as "connectors" across the community.

You may have a friend or two that are real estate agents. Your parents or relatives may have recommendations. In fact, as soon as you start letting people know that you’re interested in buying or selling a house, you’ll be surprised at the number of people who will contact you. And that doesn't begin to count the number of sales associates who will call once you begin browsing online and registering on various web sites.

Choose the Best

When you're deciding which agent to work with, remember, you deserve to work with someone whose judgment you trust, who you feel comfortable working with, and who will put you and your needs before the transaction.  If you ever sense that you are “just another transaction” or “just a gateway to a commission check,” you have the wrong agent. Always make sure your Agent puts your needs first.

But how do you get started? Even with all the tools available on the internet - including this site - we recommend that you begin your search for a real estate agent by talking with people you know.  Personal referrals from people you trust are still one of the best ways to find an effective real estate professional.  Your search shouldn't end here, of course.  Even if you find an agent with stellar verbal recommendations, you should use the internet to learn more about them, and other agents that serve the area.

Friends and Relatives

If you have friends or relatives that are real estate agents, don't automatically put them to the top of your list..  Remember, while working with a friend or relative might help maintain good relations, you should always choose your real estate agent on the basis of who will serve your needs best, and ably represent your interests. Your best friend or Aunt Mary may very well be that person, but they may not. Give them fair consideration, but if you think you should work with another agent, then do so.  Once you give them your reasons for doing so, they should respect your decision, as real estate professionals.

Naturally, we believe a Real Living Sales Professional is the best person to handle your real estate needs. Our Sales Professionals have been trained and supervised, they know how to listen to your wants and needs and they know how to get you the answers you need to make the right decisions.