Corporate Relocation - Know Your Costs | Real Living Real Estate

Typically in a corporate relocation, the company will cover most or all of the moving costs. But because it may not cover everything you spend during the process, you will want to be sure and get answers to the following questions as you make your plans to move:

  • Will the company pay for an orientation and house hunting trip to the new city?
  • What actual moving costs are paid? Packing household goods? Moving your car, boat, or other vehicles?
  • Who pays closing costs?
  • Will the company help sell your old home? Compensate you if it doesn’t sell by a certain date?
  • What about employment help for your spouse?

Even if your company is not paying all these expenses, talk to your corporate relocation expert. These experts can provide cost-of-living comparisons between your old and new homes.

Learn More about Corporate Relocation

If you are moving for professional reasons and need the services of a Corporate Mobility Specialist or a Relocation Professional, we recommend that you work with a Real Living Professional that has the specialized knowledge to serve you.