Recruiting/Benefits - Joining Our Team | Real Living Real Estate


This probably won’t come as earth-shattering news, but innovative, leading companies attract those people who are the best at what they do… self-motivated, can-do, hardworking and results-oriented individuals at the top of their game.

Since launching our national rollout, Real Living has become a magnet for growing numbers of successful brokers and agents. When you align yourself with a fast-growing national company such as Real Living, attracting top-flight recruits becomes easier.

And no wonder:

  • Being part of a nationally recognized and admired brand gives your real estate business widespread recognition
  • A brand name and the marketing tools/resources and cooperative marketing ventures it offers help agents better promote themselves by using the prestige of a respected national brand
  • Franchises offer agents more networking opportunities and the camaraderie and synergy of being part of a team
  • Top franchisors such as Real Living offer training and mentoring to agents through live and online courses, seminars and sales conferences

Recruiting exceptional Sales Professionals to your company, and building a benefits package to help retain them, can be a time-consuming job. That's why Real Living has already put in the time to assemble the key tools you'll need to execute a compelling, successful recruiting campaign that will help you attract and retain the right people.

When you're ready to discuss a possible Real Estate Franchise with Real Living, just contact us, or call us at 866-373-6228. One of our Franchise Development specialists will be glad to work with you.