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A bit of friendly advice: If any national real estate franchisor downplays the importance of the Internet, don’t let the screen door hit you as you make a hasty retreat. Simply put, online is where you need to be – if, that is, you want to reach today’s increasingly web- and technology-savvy home buyers and sellers. That’s why, at Real Living, we have created and are continually improving a family of award-winning websites.  Collectively, they have one common goal: to make it easy and enjoyable for buyers and sellers to find Real Living home listings, offices and agents.

National Website is the hub for of all of Real Living's websites. The site is designed and marketed to display listings from virtually every MLSs where a Real Living franchisee is located. One of the site’s best features is that it is completely focused upon connecting potential buyers with Brokers and Agents, with as little friction as possible. That is, anytime a consumer views a listing on the national site and registers to use the site or makes any kind of contact, the lead is sent directly into the local Broker's Lead Management system for them to handle locally.

Broker Websites

Real Living’s Broker sites, which you can explore here, offer enormous benefit to our Franchisees, but it's just part of a robust platform for online real estate. Real Living Broker websites are designed with the consumer first and foremost, but behind the scenes it interfaces with powerful systems for Lead Routing, Lead Incubation, Robust Reporting, a powerful company Intranet, and electronic and social marketing.  This platform is provided to all Real Living Brokers as part of Real Living's commitment to online real estate, at no additional cost.

Broker sites usually display all area MLS listings, detailed local community and market information, and content created at both the Broker and Brand level. Sites attract traffic through a number of sources, including Broker promotion and Real Living marketing efforts. The sites themselves include all the virtues of customization and control, while offering designs, page layouts, imagery, and more supplied by Real Living, that the Brokers are encouraged to customize to make the sites their own.   The goal, of course, is to provide home buyers and sellers with a compelling experience that encourages regular consumer use and lead generation for Brokers and their agents.  Leads generated on Broker sites are handled directly by the Broker using the platform's Lead routing rules, which the Brokers themselves control.

Agent Websites

Saving agents time and money: That’s the goal (and deliverables) of Real Living’s innovative agent sites. They provide nearly all the same benefits that the Broker Sites offer to Home Buyers and Sellers, while giving each agent a credible and flexible online presence for personal promotion. At the same time, Agents can take full advantage of their Broker's Intranet for collaboration, education, file sharing and more.

Consumer Intranet

Consumers can create their own experience with Real Living and through our Consumer Intranet. This advanced interface allows consumers to view, organize, save and share property listings. Whether buyer or seller, once they have created their account or you have done so for them, it operates as a communication portal between you and the consumer. You can share information, recommend properties, save searches, send messages, and more. And you can track what your clients are doing in MyRealLiving 2.0 so that you can anticipate their needs and provide a more satisfying consumer experience.

Franchise with Real Living

When you're ready to discuss a possible Real Estate Franchise with Real Living, just contact us, or call us at 866-373-6228. One of our Franchise Development specialists will be glad to work with you.