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Hey everybody, I hope all is well this morning. I got some news from actually one of our agents yesterday and it was kind of kind of disturbing. So I kind of wanted to like let you guys know what was going on. This is regarding flood insurance. And this gentleman has flood insurance on his home. And that runs him right around $400 a year, a year. He got a letter from that insurance company saying, Hey, we're reassessing everything and re-looking at everything. And your flood insurance is going to go from $400 to $7,000 a year. And at first he was like, Whoa, maybe this is just a typo. I could see that. So I called them to find out No, they're reassessing their re looking at everything. And that is what his flood insurance is going to go up to. Somebody that is like, quick math. That's like $580 extra a month, just going towards your flood insurance, which is crazy. Imagine what that does. your mortgage payment. So I kind of wanna let you know hey, this just got hit with us yesterday. And you be careful you might want to kind of, I know you don't really want to look into but you may want to because you don't want that type of surprise because that is going to make a heck of a difference in your mortgage payment. I'm sorry, guys, but I just want to warn you guys before they do, so love you all and be careful out there. If you need anything holler at us. We'd love to help. Bye.

Hey, everybody, I hope all is well. Just got a kind of a sad story. And I hope it's one of these that your minds kind of thinking is worse than it actually is. But I don't I don't really think so. But I kind of wanted to share it with you. It was something that Cecily came across, probably last week. And she had a customer call her on a particular house, and they're like, we're interested in this house. So she started doing some research on it and found it and found that this house is now for sale. But the people just bought it just like, I don't know, a month ago, a couple weeks, something like that. And they bought it for 60 and they turn right around and put it up for sale for like 129 and that's kind of like whoa, so she said, Well, they must have done a remodel got looking. No they didn't. So I hate to say it, but I kind of think it came from one of them flyers will buy your house. And I gotta tell you, that kind of makes me a little nauseous when I get thinking that those people left that much money on the table. Man, I'm just thinking man that people did nothing but turn right around and close on that house and put it right back up for sale for 129. And just buddy, that just makes me nauseous. I'm hoping that the story isn't like that. But we're starting to see a lot of that guy so it doesn't cost you nothing. Our area is full of great realtor and realtor companies. Reach out to them, they'll give you a valuation on it. And heck, even if you pay them twice what the commission normally is, you'd still would have made out like a bandit better than that. So just something to think about guys have something to keep your eye on and reach out to your fellow realtors. Just get a valuation on it. Don't cost you a thing. Don't leave that much money on the table. I love you guys and hope you have a great week.

Hey everybody, I hope all is well.

This is your market update for fall 2019. I kind of want to talk to you guys for a minute because the summer was awfully hot and so was the housing market. And so, we're going into fall with falling rates and falling leaves, but not here in Florida. I'm sorry, I wish we had two seasons, but we don't. But it is still looking hot for this fall. Two things are really happening especially right here on the Space Coast. We still got companies and businesses coming in. And so, we're absolutely blessed for that. Absolutely blessed. So, like I said, things are looking good. The inventory is right around 3400 homes, and that's countywide and that is fantastic. It was actually more than that about a year ago. So, you know, inventories are down so that means that there's demand. Now I know that they keep talking recession, recession, recession. And how does that affect the real estate market? And it does in a way, but not the way that everybody would think. Typically, when people talk recession there in the last one, you know, in ‘08 and all that when we started seeing all this stuff taking place. Most of those people that were in the stock market actually put their money into real estate, because it was something that they could touch, feel, drive by see it. So, keep that in mind when you already have a low inventory of things. And they're talking that people will put their money over there because it's a safe bet they got it. And they know at some point even if it loses value, it will come back and pay him tenfold. So definitely keep that in mind. But thanks for fallers still looking good.

It's still super hot, weather wise and market wise. Like I said, they're dropping the rates, the inventories down. So, expect this thing to continue on into one wintertime, which, hey, I hope it is a little cooler for us this winter, but not in housing. Love you guys have a great day.

Here's your market update for Fall 2019. Well summer was hot, hot, hot, and the rates are falling like the leaves are going to, not really here in Florida but hey, sounds good. But hey, the housing market on a real thing is looking very, very good for fall. So like I said the rates are falling, inventory's still low. I think I've checked this morning. There's only 3400 homes active right now in Brevard county. So keep that in mind. Love y'all.

Hey everybody. Just left a closing on a lady that got a postcard "will buy your house cash". They offered her $40,000 for that house, hundred year old house, but we're just leaving the closing. She got 115 guys, don't leave that much money on the table. You've worked too hard and waited too long for that equity in your home. Don't just give it to somebody else. Have a good day.

Closing on a house with a major storm on the way? Here's a good tip in 30 seconds or less. Better go get your insurance now. If you're closing within a week or so, and there's a big storm on the way you better go get your insurance because as soon as that storm gets to be about 1000 or even 500 miles off the coast, they will stop issuing insurance for the whole state, which then means you're not going to get your loan because they need that to protect their asset. Have a good day.

The interest rate drop in 30 seconds or less. Guys, this is actually really, really huge. I've been talking to everybody since they just the feds just lowered the rates again. And there's a lot of people refinancing and consolidating their debt. You might want to take the chance and take a look at that. Because they typically tell you if you could save one interest rate point, it is definitely worth it. So check with us for all your options and we'll be more than happy to hook you guys up. Doesn't cost anything. Enjoy your day.

Historical rates on a 30 year fixed mortgage since 1972 in 30 seconds or less. Guys, this is so huge. These are where rates are at today, which I would tell you that that's somewhere right around four. But I want you guys to just take a look at what rates used to be, and I want to say almost back to my birth year 1982 and in 1980. I want you guys to look at that. That's why today's rates are so important. That's like 16 and a half percent.

Plantation Oaks of Brevard in 30 seconds or less. This is a great gated community located right in the heart of Titusville and walking distance to the new Titus landings and epic theaters. This is a great community. It's got a community pool and community rec room. The association takes care of the lawns for you, so you don't even have to worry about that. It started in 2004 and it's finally built out as of today. And like I said, it's right in the heart of Titusville, so you have to love that. The launches are great from here. Have a good day.

The housing market for summer 2019 update. It is looking hot, hot, hot, but it's not just temperature hot but the feds going to possibly lower their rates two more times. Our area has definitely adjusted a little bit, but the housing market is still super-hot. Boeing's moving one of their space industries here. So, this area is still going to boom, boom, boom. So, if you're thinking about doing something you might want to do some before all those people get here. Love you guys. Have a great summer!

San Mateo village in 30 seconds or less. By far this is probably one of my favorite 55 and up communities here in Titusville. It is absolutely gorgeous. They keep it pristine with shuffleboard courts, a pool and the clubhouse as you can see behind me, it is one of the best that we have to offer. But one of my favorite is, is you actually own the loft. Many of the 55 and up communities that are mobile homes, you don't own the lot. This one you on the lot. So that's what makes this one golden.

La Cita Country Club in 30 seconds or less. This is a 120 acre luxury golf course located in the heart of Titusville, close to shopping, schools, everything. This community started in the 1980s and is still going strong today. Heck, they're building brand new homes today. So your home values go from about 140 to up into 300 to even higher than that. So it doesn't matter your price point this community has it. So thank you guys and come and see it.

"I'll buy your home" postcards letters in 30 seconds or less. Just leaving a client's house, I got one of those "I'll buy your home now cash for $70,000". We just got him in the 90s guys, so please don't leave money on the table. Please contact your local realtor or real estate brokerage and see what your home is worth. Don't leave money on the table. You've worked too hard to leave that much money on the table. Love y'all.

Playalinda Beach beach in 30 seconds or less. Absolutely one of my favorite beaches by far this is the reason why you want to live here on the Space Coast. On your way out here you're starting to see where the rockets launch off. That gets you jacked up and then you get out here, and buddy look at this around me. Nothing, no hotels, no growth, all pure natural and if you forget your bathing suit, you just go to the 13th beach and you're good. Have a good day.

Hickory Hills subdivision in 30 seconds or less. Why do I love Hickory Hills, and this is actually where I raised my family. You are literally right around the corner from Walmart, all the shopping that you could ever want. You're roughly 30 minutes away from the airport. You're about 19 miles away from the beach. Daytona 30 minutes away. So location. Hickory Hills is it. Everything's built in the 60s here, Ben and everybody that's that built here. Mostly stayed here. That's the ability. I love that. Have a good day.

Happy first day of spring everybody hope all is well. This is your market update going into spring. Everything is looking super good for us here on the Space Coast. They're not supposed to raise rates the rest of the year so that is great news for you guys. So if you are in the market looking for something special, please hit us up. We have two offices to help you and your home search. We got one on Merritt Island and we got one in Titusville. So if you are in the market, it's looking like a great time and a great 2018 so let's bring into a new house. Thank you guys.