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About Me

Hello, thanks for stopping by my page! We have all heard the adage that buying or selling a house can be very stressful and complicated. Well, the universe guided you right here because, with experience of over 16 years in this field, I will show you that I can smash saying and make it a smooth and exciting experience. As an accomplished real estate agent, I have learned, reformed, streamlined this adventure into a perfectly oiled machine. I will also guarantee that we will have fun while searching for your new lifestyle. And then walking you through all the legal paperwork, handling any situation that might show up with the inspection and appraisal, and finally walking together into the closing. I strive day in and day out to efficiently and effectively help my clients meet their Real Estate dreams and goals! I am way ahead of the game with new ideas, and I stay ahead of our ever-changing market. As your Realtor, my job is to make sure you understand the process, educate you about the current market and trends. I firmly believe in working with the best of the best, that is why I work with Real Living Messina, we are the top real estate brokerage in the Northland. My expansive group of preferred professionals is the best in their field, for lenders to handymen. In between Real Estate transactions, I love to take advantage of our park and trails, local musical talents; I devour books, photography, and video creating and concerts, I adore a good dinner party too. I can not wait to start sharing my insights into the various neighborhoods, amenities, schools Duluth and surrounding communities have to offer plus all the future developments that contribute to the charms and history of the Zenith City, a fascinating place to call home! Shall we schedule a coffee chat and start the adventure? I am looking forward to meeting you!


 I look forward to getting to know you and being a partner in finding your dream home and/or getting the value that your home deserves.

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