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Steps to Home Ownership...

We're glad that more people are becoming curious about this market! It's an exciting and rewarding situation, with Traditional Sales, Short Sales and Foreclosures, each offering tremendous opportunity to purchase at unprecedented low prices and historical Low interest rates... Your Selection will include interesting older homes in good condition, luxury developments, and well-planned family communities, Townhouses, Condominiums and New Home Communities featuring state of the art Energy Efficient designs.


1.Using the Real Living Site to organize your search?

There are thousands of Real Estate sites to choose from - so why use mine? Our site is updated daily with hourly updates on home pricing. You will always be viewing "Real Time Listed Property" not homes that have been sold weeks or even months ago...

2. Get Financing

Mortgage Lending 101...

  1. Housing expense should not exceed 1/3 of my gross income before taxes.
  2. I have demostrated my ability to repay loans without default or collection issues
  3. I have a stable job or income source
  4. If for some reason, I have or need special circumstances or consideration... Call one of the professional listed below.

              How much house can I look for...?

Real Living Real Estate Solutions is Proud to Refer All of our Friends and Family to the following Local Mortgage Provides:
Loan Products include: FHA, VA, Conventional, HomePath, Home Path Renovation, 203k, Executive Lease to Own Program*, Foreign Investor Loan Alternatives*.

 Celeta Ryan-Quinn 

BB&T Home Mortgage

407-697-1563  Mobile 

Maria Smith

Seaside National Bank and Trust


*inquiries on the new Executive Lease to Own Program and Alternative Foreign Investor Loan Packages 
should be directed to Tony Marino at 407-468-2004, or  

3. Call us!

The National Association of REALTORS® includes 1 million brokers and salespeople, individuals bound together with a strong Code of Ethics, extensive training opportunities and a wealth of community information. Carol and I have experience with over 1,000 transactions in the Orlando Area… Sanford to Davenport… Clermont to Melbourne… Buying and selling real estate can be a complex matter. Our experience will help you understand trends, negotiate a Win-Win contract solution, and close with confidence.

4. Selection

There's no doubt that choosing a home is a big decision and you want to do it right...Finding Perfect homes are not simply about architecture, features or condition… So, Make a List... include "Must Haves" ... After you visit 10-12 homes you will continue to refine your list... some items will become more important while others become less important. Perfect homes will stimulate your senses… it’s about space… it’s about imagination… It’s about security... Perfect will generally not be accomplished on your first day of ownership because you will need to personalize and complete your masterpiece.

5. Value and Pricing

Simply put... the seller establishes an asking price as well as other terms for selling their home. In effect, this is an offer. At this point, you have three choices: accept the seller's offer and create a contract; reject it and not make an offer; or suggest different terms and make a counter-offer. If you choose this last option, the seller may accept, reject or make a counter-offer.  Carol and I have tools available to help you understand the current market conditions and comparable sales of similar homes.  Then, together we can review the advantages and disadvantages of your home selection to determine the Best Pricing strategy to purchase the home.

6. Contract to Closing

The normal closing time period after we come to a "meeting of the minds" with the current owner is 30-45 days (short sales are generally 3-4 months).  Within the first 7-10 days... Inspections will be scheduled and simultaneously you begin to gather updated paperwork for the lender.  Once the inspection is reviewed, you will have the bank order an appraisal for the final underwriting process to begin. You will need to shop for home owners insurance prior to the bank giving a full approval. (2-3 weeks) and a clear to close will be given to 72 hour of your closing date.   In the final week you will call the utility companies to have account set up in your name on the day of your closing.