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How Real Living The Real Estate Group Was Born

Chad and Hollie Sessions, the owners of Real Living, The Real Estate Group are both natives of the Vancouver area. Being veterans of the Vancouver real estate market, Chad and Hollie both felt there was room in the market place for a fresh new brand that looked at doing business in a whole new way. While it is a challenging market, there is a lot of business being done and transactions being closed. We felt that Real Living, with our unique value proposition, can work alongside agents giving them strong support and powerful tools to work with.

Our Culture

• Authentic and REAL
• Sharing, open-minded and team-oriented
• Appreciative with a generous mentality
• Friendly, warm and inviting
• Relationship-focused engagements
• Creative, passionate and driven
• Pro-active
• Diverse, professional and fun
• Involved in the community

Overall our culture seeks respectable, productive agents in the real estate community. We are looking to assemble quality, productive brokers who value ethics and professionalism
Our Vision

• Positively impact lives throughout the community and schools districts.
• Develop meaningful and supportive relationships.
• Proactively move our business forward in an innovative way.
• Maintain a high-level of integrity and professionalism in the real estate business.
• Continue to attract real estate professionals with high integrity who provide quality service.
• Grow at a healthy rate so company culture and values are not jeopardized.

“We are thrilled to be introducing this fantastic brand to the Vancouver- Portland area and we are focused on assembling a very strong team of agents to serve clients throughout the metropolitan area.”   

~Chad Sessions, Real Living Owner