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Before selecting a price to market your home, you first have to determine the best pricing strategy.

Homes, and lifestyles even more so, are not commodities and therefore should not be marketed or priced as interchangeable widgets. Due to this distinction, Real Living is a proponent of a customized pricing strategy to tailor a plan based on your best interests.


For decades, thousands of homesellers have painfully watched their home languish on the market for a much longer period than they hoped, due to overpricing their property. To the contrary, some homesellers have agreed to a sales price lower than they should have accepted due to underpricing their home.

This is because the pricing of real estate is not a science—and thanks to all you do to decorate, maintain, improve and stage your home—it never will be a science.

Homeowners need to ensure the real estate professional they meet with, provides Real Living. Real Answers.SM and does not confuse the difference between how properties compete with one another versus how they compare.


As the Leader in Customized Real Estate, Real Living has prepared a special Real Living. Real Answers.SM guide to provide you with a more strategic approach to making this important lifestyle-related decision. Fill out the form on this page and we will gladly provide you with a copy.

Then ask us how we can help you maximize your present home value, market your property successfully and strategize with you regarding when and where to buy or rent next. If you are planning on moving out of your present area, we would consider it a privilege to serve you in your new destination.

Learn How to Set the Right Price for Your Home

Before you select the right price for your home, selcet the best pricing strategy

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We are committed to making every real estate experience best in class. We are trained to serve as your trusted advisors, skilled negotiators and expert facilitators. We look forward to providing personalized service that helps you find dream homes that match your wish list or sell your home fast and for more. To learn more about our buyer and seller services, please contact us.