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Squad Builder

Our Exclusive Incentive-Based Bonus Progam

If you are running the race to compete or showing up because you have to, you may be missing the big picture. At Real Living, we run to win and steal the show, and with that comes the influence and income you are leaving on the table today. Awesome isn’t for everyone, but if you believe in making a difference, we’d love to chat.

What Is It?
Simply put, it is a way for our Sales Partners to earn more money by referring potential sales partners to Our Company.
How Does It Work?
It's as easy as 1-2-3!
  • Just refer the agents name and contact information on a form we provide or just email Steve Fowler or Suzanne Dye and we will let you know ASAP if we accept the referral. Usually the only reason we would not accept the referral is if we are already in contact with the agent. Upon Completed Affiliation with our company, you will receive $150.00. In addition, you will receive 10% of the company dollar* on closed sales transactions.
  • Please assist if appropriate with the introduction.
  • When the agent joins our company please congratulate them on the move.

  • **Company dollar does not include referral fees, transaction/marketing fees or risk management (E&O) Fees etc. The program is subject to current offerings and may change without notice, as certain restrictions apply. Not applicable to business generated by Real Living SJ Fowler Real Estate or team leaders receiving overrides or paid recruiting staff.
The only requirement is the Sponsoring Sales Partner must be employed by S.J. Fowler Real Estate, Inc. at which time the Recruiting Sales Bonuses are due. It is Simple, Refer the New Sales Partner and Be Here.