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Top 5 Lawn Care Tips From a Pro   
In this informational video from Craftsman, learn the tricks of the lawn care game from Jonathan Wright, head groundskeeper for Harbour Town Golf Links at the Sea Pines Resort! Tool care, watering -- he'll explain it all!  Watch Now!

How to Mow Your Lawn

Lowe's Home 101 experts, Joel and Courtney, share the basics on mowing the lawn. Learn about lawn mower safety and what not to do when cutting your lawn. Watch Now!

How to Prune and Trim a Tree - Do It Yourself

Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, shares tips on pruning and trimming trees in your yard. Also learn what season to prune and how to remove dead tree limbs. Watch Now!

You Too Can Have a Green Thumb

This How-To video from Info 4 Your Life contains easy to learn garden tips to help you grow radiant flowers and lush green lawns and show your neighbors that you do indeed have a green thumb!  Watch Now!

How to Install Outdoor Lighting for Gardens, Patios and Paths
Lowe's expert, Mike Kraft, shows viewers how to install low voltage and solar outdoor landscape lighting. Learn how to illuminate your garden, patio or path with attractive landscape lighting and light kits.
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Mix Oil and Gas Correctly in Yard Tools
Mixing gas and oil incorrectly decreases the life of your power lawn tools with two-stroke engines, such as your chain saw, trimmer and leaf blower. In this entertaining video from the folks at Sears, talking tools plead for proper care from their owner.
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How to Make a Planter Box
Craftsman Experience host Alex Sherman brings in general diy'er Matt Groschel to show everyone how to build a custom planter box with legs attached on the four corners for standing in your lawn.
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How to Plant Trees, Shrubs and More
Lowe's Home 101 experts, Joel and Courtney, demonstrate how to plant a new tree or shrub in your yard. Learn the best time of year to plant a tree as well as where you should place your new plant.
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Lawn Health and Over-Seeding Tips
Lowe's Home 101 experts, Joel and Courtney, explain the different ways to get your lawn looking lush and green and keeping it healthy in this How-To video.
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How to Build an Outdoor Fire Pit
Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, shows how you can build a homemade fire pit. Learn the best places to build your fire pit, creating a brick fire pit ring and how to start a fire when you are complete. 
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Cascading Outdoor Waterfall
Turn your backyard into an oasis with a cascading stone waterfall & pond. This video is part of DIY Network's "Rock Solid" show hosted by Dean Marcisco. 
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How to Cook Steaks and Hamburgers on the Grill
Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, shares tips on grilling steaks and burgers. Learn how to grill meat safely to make the best tasting hamburgers and steaks. 
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How to Maintain An Outdoor Gas Grill - Do It Yourself
Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, gives advice on gas grill maintenance. Learn how to detect gas leaks, check the grill ignition and much more for a more enjoyable cooking experience! 
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How To Properly Use a Spreader
This short video from Scott's will teach you how to properly use a lawn spreader for seeding, fertilizing, weed and pest control, and more. You will learn what it takes to have a great lawn!  Watch Now!