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Retirement and Real Estate

More Americans are living longer and enjoying better health in their senior years, and it’s not unusual for them to make real estate changes as they make new lifestyle choices.

“Retirement” for many people means nothing more than moving from one active pursuit to another one. The children may be grown and gone and it’s time for you to downsize your living space and maybe even change locations.

Your Real Living Sales Professional is more than happy to talk with you about the next phase of your life, whether it involves moving from the family home to a condo, moving out to the golf course, or even moving to another country.

There are many factors that go into making these decisions, however. There may be financial and tax ramifications. There almost certainly will be social considerations – after all, your friends probably won’t be coming with you. And there could be even be family concerns – in some areas grandchildren may not be well tolerated.

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As all phases of life have challenges, your senior years will too. Your Real Living Sales Professional can help you make the transition.

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