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Rental Properties as a Real Estate Investment

Yes, the dramatic leaps in property values of recent decades have slowed down. But long-term upward trends are expected to continue so rental properties remain an appealing way to go for small investors.

You can compare this kind of investment to long-term stock market investments and they can even be more profitable.

There is much more information about the basics of using Rental Properties as an Investment tool at your fingertips. Just check out these articles:

Here’s more you should know right off the bat: Rental properties can provide you the opportunity to have income streaming in and enable you to leverage your assets with a down payment and a loan secured by the property.

Rental properties also offer tax benefits and deductions for landlords (Be sure to check with a tax consultant to determine real estate tax implications).

For some folks, investing in rental property in a highly desirable vacation or retirement area can also provide you with a vacation getaway to use yourself and maybe some day use as a retirement home.