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What’s a Listing Agreement?

The listing agreement is a contract between you and a real estate agent to sell your home.

Your real estate agent will explain your state’s laws on agency relationships, and how he or she can represent you in the transaction. In some cases, they can also assist the buyer.

Such an agreement must include beginning and ending dates for the term of the listing, typically what’s customary for your area and the company’s policy and what’s reasonable for your area’s market conditions.

Among the terms that you’ll agree to is the price (usually a percentage of the eventual sale price) you'll pay for services rendered in the sale of your home.

Each real estate brokerage company determines its fee structure based on the degree of services provided. Make sure you understand what services your listing agreement covers.

Don’t choose a listing agent by how much commission the broker charges or how high your home will be priced. Choose a real estate agent because he or she has the best reputation in the market, and the best marketing plan for your home.