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Real Living Real Estate Leadership Selects First Recipient of The Real Living Jordan Baris Award for Diversity and Inclusion

IRVINE, Calif., (June 15, 2021)  Real Living Real Estate, one of the nation's leading real estate brokerage franchisors, is proud to announce that Jordan Baris, REALTORS® Real Living has been named the first recipient of the Real Living Jordan Baris Award for Diversity and Inclusion, which recognizes significant achievements made by Real Living Real Estate franchisees toward developing a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.

Diversity and Inclusion matters critically to business performance, as it increases creativity and innovation within teams and can bring organizational benefits that are directly linked to company performance. Organizations with inclusive cultures are more likely to meet or exceed financial targets and even more likely to be high-performing. Companies with diversity and inclusion initiatives put into place are six times more likely to be innovative and agile and eight times more likely to achieve better business outcomes, according to a recent Deloitte study.

In presenting the award at the conclusion of the Real Living network’s National Virtual Convention, CEO Allan Dalton announced, “It is not coincidental but deliberate and purposeful that the first Real Living network member to receive this important acclaim, Jordan Baris, REALTORS® Real Living, is also the company for which the annual award is and will continue to be, so named.”

Jordan Baris, the founder of Jordan Baris, Inc. Realtors, who passed away last year, was a notable, remarkable and most assertive example of advocacy for social justice and fair housing practices for more than fifty years, and his equal treatment of all, in both his professional and personal life, warrants recognition and will remain as an example for future generations.

Teresa Palacios Smith, that same week as a part of her presentation on diversity and inclusion at a real estate conference in Tampa, Florida, also announced the award in the presence of Ken Baris, the son of Jordan Baris and the company’s present-day CEO.

Teresa Palacios Smith proclaimed in her announcement, “I have the privilege of working with much of the industry and Jordan Baris, REALTORS® Real Living is one of the most committed real estate organizations to the practice of fair housing. Mr. Jordan Baris was an industry wide acknowledged champion of diversity and inclusion creating an organization dedicated to fair and equal treatment and respect for all others.”

Gino Blefari, Chairman of Real Living who has known both Jordan and Ken Baris for many years stated, “Both Jordan and Ken Baris represent the best in integrity and values and have not only enhanced our industry’s professionalism, but also humanity.”

Ken Baris in accepting the award commented, “My Dad was way ahead of his time and recognized the importance of diversity and inclusion, acting on it without hesitation over half a century ago from when he began in real estate. He impressed this upon me and so many others with his actions of always doing the right thing. My family and I and our company are deeply touched by this most appreciated and profoundly important and relevant honor and to Allan Dalton and Teresa Palacios Smith recognizing the actions of my genuine and humble father.”

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