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If you are about to relocate, you are joining an ever-growing club.

These days, the average person will relocate at least four times during his or her career, according to current employment statistics, and that figure may increase in the future.

So if your industry is undergoing a lot of change or you work for a corporation where advancement depends on willingness to relocate, you already be facing more than an average number of moves.

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Companies that move large numbers of people, and people involved in such moves, have learned that the services of professional relocation experts can be crucial in saving money and time, and reducing the stress that accompanies big move.

In fact our sister company, Brookfiel Global Relocation Services, is a leader in this field.  Brookfield Global Relocation Services is a full service provider of corporate and government relocation and assignment management services, managing over 50,000 relocations in more than 110 countries throughout the world.


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