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Why Work With Me?

I am a Certified Buyer’s Representative (CBR) who enjoys working with first time buyers. I will never pressure you or steer you in any direction; rather I will coach and counsel you, present ideas and options, and share my knowledge of the marketplace. The market is pocketed and it’s important, if not critical, that you work with an agent who 1) is available, and 2) is experienced in the market/town you've targeted.  An experienced agent will help you make 'informed' decisions, and will be able to help structure your offer to best advantage (which can be very different depending on your personal situation).  As my buyer client, you can rely on me – not only to identify the positives of any particular property, but also to help you identify potential negatives (ie. What’s good, What’s not so good). I will walk you through the entire process on our first meeting, so you’re not learning on the fly. Upfront familiarity with what’s ahead will help minimize your level of stress (and truthfully, there will be some stress – my job is to reduce it when possible!) We will discuss not only your wishes/needs, but timeframes, the big WHAT DO I OFFER question, the negotiating process, and the expectations of both parties. You can expect me to be focused on your home search, second only to your own intensity.  Let me put my experience and talents to work on your behalf. 

As a Certified Buyer’s Representative, I will represent your interests, protect your privacy, and help you avoid the pitfalls of the home buying process.  Read my testimonials.  A home purchase does not have to be stressful when you have the benefit of my experience, sound advice, and humor.  When you work with me as your agent, you will be represented, and your best interests will be my first priority.  I have a proven record of successfully helping first time buyers navigate the road from the initial search to the closing table, with proactive management and counseling.  

As we view homes together, my role is to point out positive aspects of the home and neighborhood.  You can rely on me to alert you to not-so-positive aspects that you may overlook as a novice.  I have amassed an impressive list of resources compiled over many years - which I make available to my clients.  If we hit a stumbling block, resources can make all the difference in moving forward with confidence.

I work with a limited number of buyer clients at any one time in order to provide you with the full attention, availability, and service that such a big step merits!   Know that you will have a responsive and available agent who values your search as a top priority.  A home purchase involves both tangible (financial investment) and in-tangible elements (emotional).  I appreciate what a huge event this is in your life.  I will help you weigh all the elements so you are well equipt to make a informed decision and purchase a home you'll be happy in for many many years.

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A Buyer's agent represents YOU, the Buyer, during the home-buying process.  Make sure you hire a Buyer's agent that is qualified and educated to give you the best possible representation. 
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