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Popular Town Searches and Community Information

Arlington is surrounded by a variety of communities, some more urban, some more suburban.  Here is a list of quick facts about each and a link to start your search.  Please contact us if we can be of assistance. 

Arlington MA Quick Facts
Tax Rate: 12.80 FY 2016
Elementary Schools: Brackett, Bishop, Dallin, Hardy, Peirce, Thompson and Stratton
Middle School: Ottoson
High School: Arlington High
Distance from Downtown Boston: 8 miles
Arlington Community Profile
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  Belmont MA Quick Facts
Tax Rate: 12.56 FY 2016
Elementary Schools: Burbank, Butler, Wellington and Winn Brook
Middle School: Chenery
High School: Belmont High
Distance from Downtown Boston: 8 miles
Belmont Community Profile
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  Cambridge MA Quick Facts
Tax Rate: 6.99 FY 2016
Elementary/Middle Schools: Amigos, Baldwin, Cambridgeport, Fletcher-Maynard Academy, Graham & Parks, Haggerty, Kennedy-Longfellow, King-Open, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Morse, Peabody, John M. Tobin
High School: Cambridge Rindge and Latin
Distance from Downtown Boston: 3 miles
Cambridge Community Profile
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Lexington MA Quick Facts
Tax Rate: 14.60 FY 2016
Elementary Schools: Bowman, Bridge, Estabrook, Fiske, Harrington and Hastings
Middle Schools: Clarke and Diamond
High School: Lexington High
Distance from Downtown Boston: 14 miles
Lexington Community Profile
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  Malden MA Quick Facts
Tax Rate: 15.73 FY 2016
Pre-K School: Early Learning Center
Elementary/Middle Schools: Beebe, Ferryway, Forestdale, Linden, Salemwood
High Schools: Malden High, Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High
Distance from Downtown Boston: 6 miles
Malden Community Profile
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  Medford MA Quick Facts
Tax Rate: 11.19 FY 2016
Elementary Schools: Brooks, Columbus, McGlynn, Roberts
Middle Schools: Andrews and McGlynn
High Schools: Medford High and Medford Vocational Technical High
Distance from Downtown Boston: 6 miles
Medford Community Profile
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  Melrose MA Quick Facts
Tax Rate: 12.33 FY 2016
Pre-K School: Franklin Early Childhood Center
Elementary Schools: Hoover, Horace, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Winthrop
Middle School: Melrose Veterans Memorial
High School: Melrose High
Distance from Downtown Boston: 8 miles
Melrose Community Profile
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  Somerville MA Quick Facts
Tax Rate: 12.53 FY 2016
Elementary Schools: Arthur D. Healey, Brown, Dr. Albert F. Argenziano, East Somerville Community, John F. Kennedy, West Somerville Neighborhood, Winter Hill Community
Middle School: Next Wave Junior High
High Schools: Somerville High and Full Circle High
Distance from Downtown Boston: 3 miles
Somerville Community Profile
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  Stoneham MA Quick Facts
Tax Rate: 12.96 FY 2016
Elementary Schools: Central, Colonial, Robin Hood, South
Middle School: Stoneham Middle School
High School: Stoneham High
Distance from Downtown Boston: 10 miles
Stoneham Community Profile
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  Waltham MA Quick Facts
Tax Rate: 12.24 FY 2016
Elementary Schools: Douglas Macarthur, henry Whittemore, James Fitzgerald, Jonathan Bright, Northeast, Thomas R. Plympton, William F. Stanley
Middle Schools: John F. Kennedy and John W. McDevitt
High School: Waltham Sr. High
Distance from Downtown Boston: 11 miles
Waltham Community Profile
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  Watertown MA Quick Facts
Tax Rate: 13.68 FY 2016
Elementary Schools: Cunniff, Lowell, Hosmer
Middle School: Watertown
High School: Watertown High
Distance from Downtown Boston: 8 miles
Watertown Community Profile
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Winchester MA Quick Facts
Tax Rate: 11.68 FY 2016
Elementary Schools: Ambrose, Lincoln, Lynch, Muraco, Vinson-Owen
Middle School: McCall
High School: Winchester High
Distance from Downtown Boston: 9 miles
Winchester Community Profile
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  Woburn MA Quick Facts
Tax Rate: 10.05 FY 2016
Elementary Schools: Altavesta, Clapp-Goodyear, Hurld, Linscott, Reeves, Shamrock, Malcolm White, Wyman
Middle Schools: Joyce and Kennedy
High School: Woburn Memorial High
Distance from Downtown Boston: 11 miles
Woburn Community Profile
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