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What to Do When an Offer is Being Negotiated

We ask all parties to live by the golden rule when making or receiving an offer. Treat the other side the way you would want to be treated, with timeliness, and integrity--it helps both parties not only to reach mutual agreement, but more importantly, good will goes a long way towards reaching the final destination--the Closing Table!




Advice to Buyers
Make offers in good faith.  If you find yourself in a position of multiple offers, I will share ideas of how you can help differentiate your offer in a positive way.  If you feel the only way to put the house under agreement when it’s new to the market is to pay top price – then it’s not reasonable to expect to renegotiate the price based on typical items identified in most inspections.  If there are major defects, then it is a reasonable expectation to ask for seller concessions.  Assume the house will need work—all homes do!  In the lifecycle of a home, each homeowner makes modifications, updates, improvements, and personal style changes to the home.  Offer a price you are comfortable with while assuming the house will need some work and budget accordingly.