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Multi Family Properties

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1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

This type of sale/exchange is our true specialty. We have serviced many clients exchange needs repeatedly over the last 25 plus years.

  • Sell and Purchase Larger Properties
  • Increase Equities
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Investing for Superior Yields

    Real Estate is critical to an investment portfolio. Beyond cash returns and growth, real estate produces tax shelter returns. Consequently, the yields in real dollars of a real estate investment often exceeds other investments.

  • Cash on Cash Returns
  • Equity Paydowns by Tenants
  • Appreciation
  • Deferred Taxes
  • Maximizing Your Return

    When the time comes to adjust or reallocate your portfolio holdings, we ensure that you receive maximum value for your property. When selling a property, we offer our clients both confidentiality and creative marketing.

  • Local & National Advertising
  • Domestic & National Investor Base
  • Broker to Broker Relations
  • Superior Management

    When it comes to management we strive to maximize your investment through consistent communication with clients and tenants.

  • Control Expenses
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Maximize Income
  • Good communication equals good management
  • Interested in our Property Management Services?


  • Advertising of available properties through the local and regional newspapers, referrals, Realtors, the Internet, and yard signage.
  • Carefully screen tenants through researching and verifying prior landlords, employers,
    credit bureaus and checking for criminal background.
  • Our lease agreement was written to protect the Owners interest.
  • We negotiate the lease terms without you being on the front line with the prospective
  • Full time leasing staff to answer prospective tenant questions and personally show them
    the property.
  • Maintenance

  • Supervision of property repairs and maintenance.
  • We keep Owners best interests in mind.
  • Only qualified repair companies are allowed to work on properties. Each pre-selected by S.J. Fowler Real Estate, Inc. to ensure fair pricing and quality workmanship.
  • Competitive bidding on major repairs requiring Owner approval before authorizing.
  • 24 hour phone service for emergency repairs.
  • Periodic property inspections to ensure everything is in order and the tenant is in compliance with the lease agreement.
  • Accounting

  • Accounting online 24/7, including property management agreements, leases and reports.
  • Collection of monthly rent when due.
  • Monthly checks via optional direct deposit.
  • Paper checks mailed on the 10th business day of each month.
  • Statements include any repair work paid.
  • End of year account summary statement for assistance in tax preparation.
  • All expenses reviewed and paid on time, as funds available.
  • Prior notification on major expenses and repairs.
  • City sales tax collected from the tenant, reported and paid to the City.
  • Notification on any changes in local laws affecting investment property.
  • Communication

  • Weekly Owner phone or email updates during vacancies.
  • Copies of all lease agreements online.
  • Written bids sent for prior authorization on improvements.
  • All phone calls returned within 1 business day by our staff.
  • 24 hour emergency phones available for Tenants.
  • 24 hour fax line and email.
  • 8 full time employees available for Owners and Tenants convenience.
  • Our Guarantee

  • If you are not 100% satisfied with our services at any time, for any reason, cancel us, no questions! Ask the competition if they have a guarantee like this.
  • With over 25 years of experience managing hundreds of properties, we know how to earn and keep your trust and loyalty.
  • We will minimize your personal time, stress and aggravation, while maximizing property’s potential.
  • We will be here when you or the Tenant need us.

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