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Vanessa Nickolas

Vanessa Nickolas credits her extraordinary success in the challenging field of residential real estate to hard work for each and every client.  Vanessa always keeps her client’s interest in mind.  “I work around the clock,” Vanessa says.  “This is not a ‘9-to-5’ job.”

 A highly personable, easy-going and level-headed demeanor enables Vanessa to relate and work well with clients from all cultures and through every walk of life.  “Anything is possible with the right attitude.  Negotiating the best outcome for my client while maintaining a calm atmosphere and presenting resolutions that all parties regard as positive is one of my primary strengths.”

 This affable approach does not deter the determined, tenacious core work ethic that drives Vanessa to push on for her clients when other agents might give up.  “I never take ‘no’ as an answer.  Where there is a will, there is a way, and I will find it.  I give 110 percent to everything, because I know that will make the decisive difference every time.”

 A Houstonian born and raised, Vanessa grew up on the south side of town and has family all over and around the city.  She and her husband, Chris, have two grown children and four grandchildren.  With a demanding schedule that leaves her little free time, Vanessa prioritizes leisure hours with Chris and her children, whom she regards as the greatest influences in her life.