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Name of Community Served Here

DELETE THIS TEXT BEFORE YOU PUBLISH: Real Living strongly recommends that all members of its network create "Community Pages" that feature real estate listings for sale in the market.  Community pages that focus on listings can dramatically help your site's SEO, and also help direct home buyers to specific types of homes that you wish to feature.  There is no single "right" way to do it, but this page layout provides one approach.  Remember, when building a page, that Search Engines do tend to rank pages higher that put key terms like "Homes for Sale in CityName" in fonts that larger, bolded, or used as hyperlinks. However, don't go overboard - the page must look pleasing to the eye and professional for visitors to it to actually use it.  

Community Name

Enter the name of the community the page you are creating is about.

Community Description

Enter a short historical description of the community. Remember to make this content unique. Possible ideas for content include: when was the community founded? are there any historical monuments or buildings? If it's a sub-division, who was the developer/builder?


How do people get here from popular roads nearby?

Jump Search

Create jump searches and then reference them here.
Make sure you name your jump search something informative - e.g.: golf course homes less than $300,000.
Ideas for jump search listings include: lifestyle-specific properties, properties by price range, properties within a sub-division/neighborhood, properties with a specific feature set (waterfront, mountain views, foreclosures, etc.)
Please note that even though you aren't limited to the number of jump search links per community page, we do recommend limiting the number you put on each community page. Keep in mind that too many options may cause information overload.
Remember too that each web page you build can also contain one jump search listing carousel.
Use this to feature specific listings in an attractive manner. You can find the jump search carousel widget in the widget token generator menu above.

School Information

What schools serve the area? Include URLs to school sites here. Real Living also provides school ratings as part of the local market data. Make use of that information here as well.

Area Photos

Take some photos of the area and post them here. Remember to make sure you have the rights to use the photos you post!

Local Event Calendar

Local/Community Links. Include links to other websites that have information on this specific community. some ideas: chamber of commerce, local sports teams, local weather/news websites, etc. Use your imagination, just remember to make any link applicable to the community in question.

For additional suggestions or tips, please refer to the Real Living community quick reference guide