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If it Comes to Divorce

No one goes into a marriage expecting a divorce, but they happen. If you have filed (or are contemplating) divorce you need an expert Realtor who is experienced in handling the sale of your property. I can help.

qualified divorce real estate professional

What you can expect from me

  • Credible, trustworthy problem solver to answer all your questions
  • Neutral 3rd party to ensure fairness during the transaction
  • I know the pitfalls in court-ordered home sales and how to prevent them
  • I will prevent, diffuse and resolve conflict during the sale
  • Professional listing and marketing strategies to quickly complete the sale of the home
  • Expert in the Genesee County market and divorce court proceedings

For a free, confidential, no obligation discussion about selling your marital home text or call me at (810) 252-3827 or email me today.