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Explore these videos for tips on organizing around your home.  To see videos on other topics, see our Video Home Page

Organizing 101   
Learn organization basics that can be applied to any organization project, from junk drawers, to your home office, to the garage, this How-To video from Rubbermaid is full of great ideas.  Watch Now!

Garage Storage and Optimization Ideas

Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, gives some helpful tips on how to clean and organize your garage, including ideas on how and where to store some of those larger items that always seem to be in the way. Watch Now!

How to Organize your Closet

Learn some handy closet organizing tips on how to organize your closet efficiently in this How-To video on home organization from Expert Village. Watch Now!

Organizing Your Children's Toys
Tired of seeing the toys all over the room? In this crafty How-To video from Expert Village, learn how to organize the toys in your child's room and turn it into a neat and clean space.
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How to Install Wire Shelves for a More Organized Closet
Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, gives instructions on installing a wire organization system to give you more space and organization in your closet in this informative How-To video.
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The Four Pile Organization Principle
Learn how to sort your belongings to become organized using the Four Pile Principle from Rubbermaid. This principle will help make your storage and organization a breeze! 
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How to Make a Bathroom Vanity Unit for Organization
Brian Chamberlain returns for his third project at the Craftsman Experience to show everyone how to organize the bathroom by building a custom vanity storage unit. This piece can be used to store all of your grooming supplies.
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Tips On Organizing Your Fasteners
Over the years screws, nuts, and bolts become unorganized and you can never find anything when you need it. In this video, the folks at Menards will show you how to organize your fasteners in a much more efficient system. 
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Organizing your Computer Desk
In this instructional video from Expert Village, get tips for cleaning up and organizing a typical home computer desk from a professional home organizer.
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Organizing the Desk in Your Home Office
In this informational How-To video from Expert Village, learn tips for organizing the desks in your home from an Professional Home Organizer.
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Kids Closet Organization Tips
Are you afraid to open your child's closet? With this How-To video from Rubbermaid, you will learn tips on how to keep your child's closet organized and clean so you can avoid that potential avalanche when you open the door! 
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Moving Organization Tips : Avoiding Clutter While Moving
Avoid clutter while moving by keeping returnable or unneeded items organized. Learn how to avoid clutter while moving in this free moving tips video from a professional home organizer. Watch Now!