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Luxury Bath and Spa

Luxury Bath & Spa Furn

Solid furnishings and High-end Accessories
Outfit In-style Master bath suites

For today's owners of luxury homes,  creating a luxury spa experience is all about looking good... and feeling good. Sensuousness, comfort and personal style are central to the latest bath and spa systems in luxury homes, according to Real Living Sales Professionals who work closely with these discriminating homeowners. Determining personal interests and needs, designing a tranquil, personal space and shopping for the right products and flourishes can lead to cheerful get-ready-to-take-on-the-world mornings and tranquil end-of-the-day rituals.

Ideas and Inspiration

Nature, magazines, ritzy hotels and spas, open houses, home shows and day dreams can be the inspiration for the well-planned master bath suite. Manufacturers such as Kohler offer pre-planned suites. Looks vary from the understated elegance of the Portrait Suite to the romance of the Iron Works Historic Suite to the Purists Suite with its quiet backdrop for the poetry of water. Homeowners can imagine themselves in each setting and find the style that best supports their personal sanctuary.

Relaxed elegance begins with well-designed open space, coordinated furnishings, stylish fixtures, a pleasing palette and just-right accessories. Time, money and effort invested early in the process results in a seamless look that will satisfy the homeowners for years to come.

Products with Style that Serve

The desire for an experience-based bath environment has led to a greater interest in personalization and choice. The market now boasts an ever-growing line of products, styles and options. The best that money can buy is constantly reinvented, and a homeowner can almost buy whatever they can dream.

Whirlpools and jetted tubs with deep bathing wells and massaging backjets and neckjets are meant to soak away the stress of overbooked schedules and long commutes. The mood can be changed when bubbling whitewater invigorates. Vertical spas with foot-soaking tubs prepare the user for a calm, relaxed evening. 

Homeowners achieve maximum control of their shower experience with water sculpture, the next hot trend in showers. Already available in Europe, this 24" x 24" showerhead is recessed in the ceiling and includes aromatherapy and lights. Programmable for mist, wind, rain, showers and deluge, the shower does much more than just clean.

Hot tubs moved outside a few decades ago, and the shower is now on its way out too. Those who enjoy this under-the-stars event will have an open, airy, close-to-nature bathing experience.

Newly-designed comfortable right-height toilets and coordinated bidets are fashionable. New features include quiet lids that close with a touch.

Sinks and custom countertops can coordinate with any theme. Today's high-quality marble, granite, metal or hand-painted china materials speak to elegance and wealth and are functional and durable. Extraordinary faucets match any decor. Stylish furniture, chests and vanities look good and provide clutter-reducing storage ... a great stress reliever. Some homeowners choose traditional, modern, or contemporary ... while others relax best when the surroundings are fun or inspirational. 

Relaxing and getting the work completed are rarely simultaneous, but the new Delicair Laundry Basin by Aquatic puts the two together. The gentle, effective bubble action cleans delicate clothing that must otherwise be washed by hand. This may be the newest trend in luxury living.

In days of old, fireplaces graced every room, but until recently fireplaces had not migrated back into the bathroom. Today's master bath suites welcome corner, free-standing and open fireplaces. The suite is warmed and cozy and peaceful as reflections dance around the rooms.

Personal Style

Working with an interior designer or architect can intimidate some homeowners and they end up with something very nice, but not at all what suits their personal style. The final floor plan and product selection must be the best it can be for the homeowners’ daily routine, schedule, tastes and off-the-clock time. The luxurious ambiance of the master bath suite is completed with personally-chosen dramatic bouquets, lush green plants, candles, mirrors, fluffy towels, shelving, and comfortable furniture. Coordinated with the marble or granite floor, hardwood furniture, antique finishes, or sleek acrylics that the homeowner chooses, a masterpiece can be created that will likely rival any room in the home.