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Dawn Swann, Property Manager

Real Living Home Realty Group  -  Rental Management Value Proposition

If you own residential investment real estate along the Grand Strand, your return on income, (ROI) from your investment is contingent on many different variables that affect your intended results by investing in real estate vs. other investment options.  Hiring a professional Property Management company to manage your investment assures that your investment results will optimize your financial reward and personal peace of mind.

Managing residential property is a profession that touches many essential service disciplines to ensure that a property is well maintained to protect its long-term physical and financial viability.   Also, a manager oversees tenant services to ensure the families who live in the home are appropriately responded to so that they remain satisfied long-term residents of the property.  These two aspects of property and people dynamics are managed through our experienced team, a world-class operating systems and a strict adherence to all laws and regulations.

If you are considering purchasing a residential investment property, please give us a call and talk with us about rental rates that vary from community to community within the area.  Your first correct step is making a wise purchase decision where value is concerned.  Your second-best choice is to select a qualified and professional property management company to manage it for you.  We can help you with both because our experts in real estate sales and property management can help you take the guesswork out of the process and improve your desired outcome.

Property Services
Comprehensive on-line property management portal
Tennant Prospecting
Owner rental valuations
Property repair
Bi-annual property inspections
Monthly maintenance management
Financial Record management/bookkeeping
Tennant application & qualification process
Property inquiry and property showing to prospective tenants
Final walk-through inspection and deposit resolution.
Late payment, collections, and necessary property eviction

Tennant Services
Responsive action to satisfy necessary home repairs
On-line tenant portal for advisement and connectivity.
On-line rental payment collection

Property Owners Reasons for choosing Real Living Home Realty Group – Property Management

  • They enjoy working with experienced experts who know their needs
  • We strive to reduce rental vacancies thereby improving cash flow.
  • Maximize ROI through routine maintenance protocols and timely rent payment.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by using qualified and competitive service vendors.
  • Minimize investment stress knowing we look out for you and your property 24/7.

Summary why tenants enjoy working with Real Living Home Realty Group – Property Management

  • We value them as people and not just as our customers.
  • We respond promptly to their home-related concerns.
  • We make renting a home through us a pleasant experience.