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About Me

I am passionate about helping people achieve their real estate goals and dreams. I am a Real Estate Agent who focuses on your overall experience & results providing total customer satisfaction. Your realty dreams should become a reality with excellence & expertise! Who you allow to take you through this process matters greatly. 

My sphere of influence and network is deep & wide! Starting my own company and past experience in Direct Sales has taught me tenacity, how to talk to anybody and negotiate. It has broadened my sphere of influence and given me the ability to connect, relate and understand many different types of people. I will use these areas of expertise on your behalf! Choosing to SELL, BUY or INVEST in real estate with me will come with high social visibility, connection, compassion and understanding. 
I can be reached at (425)-319-3561carrie@rlnorthwest.com or carriegendron.com to discuss your real estate goals and dreams! 

Work with me and you receive the time, care and specialized expertise of someone who cares deeply about your goals. Your experience with me will exceed your expectations! Above status quo service is my standard and promise to you.....

- Carrie Gendron