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Thank you for visiting my website. I understand that for some of us buying or selling a home can be a daunting prospect. I am here to help you make an informed decision that is right for your budget and matches your lifestyle needs.

Below are thoughts from some of my customers showcasing my commitment to making every real estate experience enjoyable and easy. I look forward to working with you. Please contact me with any questions related to home buying, selling or updates about the local real estate market.

"Carol was superb in every way. . ."
Carol was superb in every way. Her professionalism at each step, her imperturbability in the face of challenges (e.g., the management company of the condo building of the unit for sale), her sensitive support and reassurance when she perceived discouragement in myself, her constant communication, her wise advice and help with matters that did not even touch directly on the sale (e.g., disposition of furniture), her willingness to make a repair herself (covering a hole made by a plumber), her choice of Tina, an excellent, personable cleaner before the closing: all these actions and far more than I can enumerate make her the very best agent I could ever have hoped for. Carol is at the very top of the 5-star real estate agents.

Real Living 360 Service® Review by
  John G., seller 
"Carol Greeley is an outstanding seller’s agent...."
We were living in a high-priced town trying to sell a hundred-year-old house with a flawed basement. The first thing Carol did was analyze this complicated situation and nail the proper asking price. Then she cheerfully accompanied us as we ignored her advice and learned the hard way that she was absolutely right. From start to finish in the selling process, we felt we had a trusted friend and adviser by our side. Her patience with us as first-time home sellers seemed boundless. And despite her solid instincts, she isn’t the least bit arrogant: she draws on her team’s knowledge and expertise. Carol is smart, kind, and genuine—just what we wanted and needed in a realtor. I recommend her without reservation. 

Real Living 360 Service® Review by  Elizabeth S., seller. 

"Carol was VERY HELPFUL..."

Carol was VERY HELPFUL.  Every day I was sent OPEN HOUSE information. Carol knows the area and met with me in several locations to view the offering. Her suggestion regarding an inspector was priceless. The house is what I was looking for. My children and grand children ALL LOVE THE HOUSE. it is what I wanted to be close to my daughter her husband and the 2 grandchildren. After the loss of my wife in March I was not sure what to do. Keep the old house or seek a new one. With Carol looking for me it made the search bearable. Cost was major factor BUT comfort and location were next in line. I had MAJOR things to do. Sell my old house. Buy a new house. Move 51 years of memories out of old house, Store most of these. Look for a new house, Found new house now BIG MOVE. Day after move RETIRE. All of this within 3 months. Can't say enough about Carol's patience with me.

Real Living 360 Service® Review by  Bill B., buyer. 


"Carol Greeley provided valuable help in many ways: she helped to understand the market and how to set the initial asking price;               she also provided extensive help with every step of the sale and closing processes."  
  Real Living 360 Service® Review by  Michael S., buyer. 
"Carol was terrific, she knows the market and the area, I wouldn’t use any other agent for buying or selling."
Real Living 360 Service® Review by  Jason P., seller. 
"Carol and Bowes Real Estate did an excellent job from start to finish selling it on the first open house."

Real Living 360 Service® Review by  Charles P., seller. 

"Carol was absolutely outstanding in our real estate search. She provided excellent advice while never pressuring us to buy or hurry."

Real Living 360 Service® Review by  William M.,  buyer. 

 "Carol was awesome. She was always telling me that she would take care of this or do that. I have had a lot of experience with different brokers and she stands out as the most accommodating one I have ever had the pleasure to work with"

 Real Living 360 Service® Review by  Sue H.,  seller.

"...I could not be happier...She went well above my expectation in every way... She is outstanding!"
Susan Carp of COA (Arlington Council on Aging) recommended Bowes Real Estate when I called her to see if she could give advice with a very unsatisfactory experience with another realtor who refused to give me written termination notice. Susan told me Bowes had an excellent reputation. I could not be happier with Carol Greeley of Bowes Real Estate. She went well above my expectation in every way. I am her biggest fan but know all her other clients must be very well pleased with her. She is outstanding! 
Real Living 360 Service® Review by  Mary Ellen H.,  seller.
"Carol is a very competent, gentle, dynamic charming lady and we can recommend her with out any hesitation to our friends." 
Real Living 360 Service® Review by  Devulapalli & Lalitha R..,  buyers.
 "Carol did a great job in marketing the property and in guiding me through the process..."
Carol did a great job in marketing the property and in guiding me through the process. I was in the midst of relocating to another state and Carol's expertise gave me piece of mind in knowing that I had the best representation.
Real Living 360 Service® Review by  Diana M.,  seller.
“Carol was absolutely amazing to work with...”

Carol was absolutely amazing to work with.  She listened to our needs and wants, was in constant contact and is the reason we are happily in our home now! 

Real Living 360 Service® Review by  Paul & Megan H.,  buyers.
“Carol was very informative on the surrounding areas...”
We ended up looking in areas outside of Arlington due to budget and availability.  
Carol was very informative on the surrounding areas and we found that very useful!
Real Living 360 ServiceSM Review by  Jessica and Matthew S., buyers.
“Carol has been a fantastic agent...”
Carol has been a fantastic agent - the honest, thoughtful, and capable advocate that buyers hope for but don't always get. Her deep ties to the community and knowledge of various streets and neighborhoods were valuable, and she was always responsive, communicative, and proactive on our behalf. After the closing, she has continued to be a source of helpful information as we've settled in. The old saying is that agents are always on the side of the deal, but Carol genuinely made us feel that she was on *our* side throughout, with honest perspective, thoughtful guidance, and personal support. We would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the area, and hope that we can remain friends with her as well. As an aside, we also appreciate Bob Bowes' support when an unpleasant issue came up immediately after we moved into our new home. Carol was (in a rare moment) unavailable because she was in the hospital that day, but Bob stepped in immediately to speak with me on the phone a couple of times and offer his advice and support. Carol followed up with us as well as soon as she was able. As this happened post-closing, Bob and Carol had nothing to gain from their show of support, which made it all the more meaningful to us.
 Real Living 360 ServiceSM Review by Donald and Ann M.,  buyers.
Extremely professional, courteous, kind, responsive...
Our real estate sales person, Carol Greeley of Bowes Real Estate is an extremely professional, courteous, kind, responsive and highly informed professional.  It was our good fortune to have Carol as our agent in the purchase of the property at 834 Main Street and 3 & 7 Salem Street in Winchester, MA.  It would be a pleasure to work with Carol again.
    Real Living 360 ServiceSMReview by Eric and Ruth K., buyers.