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Oconto County

Oconto County, covering an area of approximately 1,000 square miles, is situated in northeastern Wisconsin.  The County takes its name from an early Indian settlement bearing the name of "Oak-a-toe", and has since been changed to Oconto.

The elongated shape of the County runs on a Northwest-Southeast diagonal approximately 66 miles long.


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Communities in Oconto County 


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Northwest Region

It was 1870, when the logging industry in northern Wisconsin began moving farther inland from the bay to find new forest areas to cut. As the movements continued, small communities began to develop along the rivers to serve the needs of the logging industry.

Town of Doty

Town of Lakewood

Town of Mountain





Mountain/Lakewood area homes  (50K-150K)

Mountain/Lakewood area  homes (150K-500K)

Mountain/Lakewood area homes (500K-1M)


Central Region

     City of Gillett

     Village of Suring - Suring owes it's location to the railroad, which helped a tiny settlement become a center of northwoods lumbering.   At the time of its construction, the community consisted of two houses, a vacant store and a small sawmill, which had been contructed in 1883 by Joseph Suring, the area's first permanent resident and owner of most of the land the railroad purchased in that vicinity.

  Suring/Gillett area homes (50K-150K) 

Suring/Gillett area homes (150K-500K)

Suring/Gillett area homes (500-1M)

Southeast Region

     City of Oconto - In 1827, commercial lumbering began along the Pensaukee river and over the next two decades there would begin the transformation of the region into the industrial and agricultural settlements we know today. George Lurwick arrived along the Oconto River in 1836 and built a home and sawmill at what is now Susie’s Hill. He became Oconto’s first private land owner.

     City of Oconto Falls -On November 4, 1851, the first election was held in what is present day Oconto. Its purpose was for the formulation and naming of a new county from the northern portion of Brown County. The boundaries were established and the Oconto mill settlement was chosen as the county seat. Thus, Oconto County was brought into being.

     Village of Lena - The Village of Lena is filled with great features and a rich history. The village has grown a bit since it was known as Maple Valley to the first settlers in the area.

     Town of Abrams - In 1857, Richard B. Yeaton was one of the first settlers to own land in the area that would become Abrams. Yeaton established a blacksmith shop and began trading tools to loggers, settlers, and indigenous tribes in the area. Many of the major throughways in Abrams were once Native American trails. As logging and timber harvesting began to grow, several saw mills sprang up along the Pensaukee River. The region became known for the deep golden color of the pine trees harvested near Abrams. The community survived the Peshtigo Fire of 1871, which had a devastating effect on the entire region.


Oconto area homes (50K-150K)

Oconto area homes (150K-300K)

Oconto area homes (300K-500K)

Oconto area homes (500K-1M)

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Schools in Oconto County

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