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Kewaunee County



Community Description

Kewaunee County, created in 1852 from Manitowoc County, is named either for a Pottowatomi word meaning "river of the lost," or a Chippewa word meaning "praire hen," "wild duck," or "to go around." Located in northeast Wisconsin, the county seat is Kewaunee.

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City of Kewaunee

Kewaunee is located on Lake Michigan and nestled 30 miles south of Door County and 30 miles east of Green Bay. With Kewaunee’s population just under 3000 people, Kewaunee is a quiet and picturesque community that offers different seasonal activities for the young and old alike. Experience some of the best deep water fishing on Lake Michigan, take a stroll through the Marquette Historic District, or simply relax on the quiet beach and picturesque harbor area.

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City of Algoma

Discovered in 1834 by Joseph McCormick of Manitowoc, the first settlement, established in 1851 by Irish and English pioneers was called Wolf River.  The flow of immigrants to the area continued in the mid 1800’s as peoples from Germany, Bohemia, Scandinavian countries and Belgium began to settle along the lake. Earliest businesses include a sawmill, general store and churches.

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Village of Luxemburg

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Luxemburg and the surrounding community is a welcoming and growing area for both your family and business. Luxemburg is just minutes outside of the Green Bay area which provides access to highways such as Interstates 41 and 43. The area provides something for every member of the family as an individual or recreation your whole family can enjoy together.

Village of Casco

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Casco, Wisconsin is a small village located in the heart of Kewaunee County with a big sense of community. Casco offers a safe, friendly, family-oriented environment with a strong school system including both public and parochial options. Its close proximity to Green Bay gives one the opportunity to easily access the city and even brave the frozen tundra; yet the peaceful shores of Lake Michigan are only a few short miles away.

School Information

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