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A Customized Approach to Downsizing

Would you be happier if you simplified your living space?

Each year, millions of American homeowners are faced with the decision to either continue living in their present home or downsize—or as some say, "right size."

Many individuals, couples and even some families feel a sense of lifestyle emancipation after downsizing or right sizing.

For the first time in years they are free from long commutes, burdensome levels of maintenance, high taxes and excessive dependence on their automobiles.

Moreover, many who downsize also find that their lifestyle actually grows substantially as they become more involved in the community due to convenience and their aforementioned freedom from housing maintenance.


As the Leader in Customized Real Estate, Real Living has prepared a special Real Living. Real Answers.SM guide to provide you with a more strategic approach to making this important lifestyle-related decision. Fill out the form on this page and we will gladly provide you with a copy.

Then ask us how we can help you maximize your present home value, market your property successfully and strategize with you regarding when and where to buy or rent next. If you are planning on moving out of your present area, we would consider it a privilege to serve you in your new destination.

Is Downsizing For You?

A Customized Approach to Downsizing

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