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Coral Springs
Coral Springs is located in Southeast Florida, about 20 minutes inland from the ocean. The Residential community of Parkland is immediately to the north, and Pompano Beach is due east. The western edge of Coral Springs is up against the Everglades Wildlife Management Area. Miami is about an hour's drive south, and Fort Lauderdale is about 30 minutes away. Newlyweds and young families love their Coral Springs homes. There are all sorts of affordable single-family homes that are perfect for first-time homeowners. You can find a single-family home for as little as 300,000. If you think a condo will better suit your needs, be sure to tour one of Coral Springs' elegant condo communities. Coral Springs is known for its strict zoning laws, which have helped the community keep its beautiful, family-friendly aesthetic.
Coconut Creek
Coconut Creek is part of the South Florida metropolitan area. Pompano Beach is due east and Coral Springs is to the west. South Florida's exquisite beaches are just 20 minutes away, and the palpable excitement of Miami is just an hour to the south. It only takes 35 minutes to reach the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport, and the Everglades are a short drive to the west. Coconut Creek boasts real estate opportunities for virtually all demographics. Newlyweds and young families can find numerous options for their first homes, including single-family homes costing as little as $300,000. Coconut Creek also has plenty of condos and townhomes for families, individuals, couples and retirees. Modern, elegant condos can be found for the low price of $100,000. If a condo interests you, be sure to check out The Township, one of the nicer condo communities in town.
Boca Raton
Boca Raton is located near the center of South Florida's renowned Gold Coast. If you drive north along the coast, you'll come to Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach. If you head south, you'll come to Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale. The West Palm Beach Airport is about 35 minutes to the north, and Miami is about an hour to the south. Due west are several amazing natural spaces, including the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Whether you're starting a new family or are getting ready to retire, you're bound to find the perfect home in Boca Raton. This seaside community has single-family homes for as little as $300,000, and condos for as little as $100,000. Many of these properties are located within country-club-style membership-only communities. If you're into a more modern, sophisticated lifestyle, you might consider living in a high-rise condo building near the water. Boca Raton also has several townhomes located along tree-lined streets.
Weston is located on the far west side of the South Florida metropolitan area, and is the westernmost community in Broward County. Thanks to easy freeway access, Weston is only a quick shot away from Fort Lauderdale and the pristine beaches of South Florida. The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport is just 20 minutes away, and you can drive to Downtown Miami in just 40 minutes. Weston is a particularly great place for families. There is a wide selection of single-family homes in the community, including some truly elegant homes starting at $400,000. The community is also peppered with townhomes and condos, which start at a reasonable $200,000. Those who prefer privacy will love Weston's beautiful gated communities. With Miami within easy commuting distance, Weston is perfect for working families.
Parkland is located in Southeast Florida, roughly 10 miles inland from Florida's east coast. Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach are located to the east, and Coral Springs is just to the south. If you drive west from Parkland, you'll head straight into the Everglades. Fort Lauderdale is a 30-minute drive south, and Miami is just an hour away. Parkland is the perfect home base for a wide range of South Florida adventures. Parkland is almost entirely a residential community. Families can enjoy their lives in quiet neighborhoods without having to worry about noisy trucks and facilities. If you're looking for a single-family home, you're in luck; there are many homes available starting at $400,000 and new homes are being built all the time. Many of these properties are in elegant gated communities with tree-lined streets and private security. Parkland also has a few condos and townhomes for individuals, couples and families that don’t need as much space.
New Construction
There are a number of reasons why you might consider a new construction home. In addition to the prestige of being the sole owner of your new home, you can enjoy exceptional energy efficiency, a sophisticated security system and a layout that appeals to your modern sensibilities. Since they are newly built, new construction homes don't require much upfront maintenance. For example, you probably won't need to replace the roof on your new home for 30 years or more. Also, new homes tend to have lower taxes than resale homes of similar value. A new construction home can provide all the benefits of an existing home minus the headaches of maintenance and remodeling.