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Our Agents come from a variety of backgrounds and beginning skill sets – and this holds true throughout the entire real estate industry. Since Real estate is first and foremost a service and relationship business, relatively few agents, come from careers where “hard selling” is a part of the job. Those who enter the industry from “sales” positions often find it to be more fulfilling, both in terms of personal satisfaction and earnings

Lifestyle... Agent-Centric Opportunity...

Real Living is the nation’s first lifestyle-based real estate company. Clients are provided with exceptionally tailored services to meet their unique real estate needs. Luxury properties are sold and purchased through the company’s Elegant Homes division, which focuses on highlighting some of the most beautiful residential properties nationwide

96% Customer Satisfaction! The Most Powerful & Acclaimed Customer Service Tool

When you join Real Living, you gain access to an extraordinary program that helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors – Real Living maintains an astounding 96 percent customer satisfaction rate. A Real Living agent strives to provide outstanding client service by acting as a Trusted Advisor, Skilled Negotiator and Expert Facilitator

Why Choose a Real Estate Career?

Certainly, high earning potential, being your own boss, growing a lifelong business, and many simply love “helping people”. Regardless of why you decided on a Real Estate Career, we can provide you the necessary tools to serve your customers successfully as you build a personally enjoyable, satisfying career

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 Our Promise to You:    
   Our perspective on the future of the real estate industry and the value of a strong real estate brokerage provides compelling reasons to Join Real Living for the Long Term… Our unique and admired value proposition to brokers and agents makes Real Living the right choice to help you grow and maintain a healthy profitable business.

1. Best in Class Technology – In today’s increasingly mobile and digital world, brokers and agents simply must have access to innovative technology, progressive training, and revolutionary programs to attract and retain customers. Our commitment is to provide the latest tools and training to ensure that all Real Living agents can compete for market savvy buyers, promote their listings in a comprehensive and cost effective manner, and keep pace with the change and evolution of our mobile world.

2. Sales Support – The Real Living Franchise provides an industry-leading platform combined with a dynamic suite-of-tools focused on one objective: ensure brokers’ and agents’ have “outstanding sales success”. Our support motto is: “Access for All 24/7”… We believe your business is unique, and your day has no mandatory beginning or predictable end. What you need is: ‘Access to Answers”… “A coach and/or Counselor”… Our commitment is to help you run your business professionally… sometimes we will lead and sometime we will get out of your way…but… we will ALWAYS be available for you 7 days a week.

3. Marketing – Real Living’s Marketing Advantage revolves around our trademarked, 360 Degree Marketing Integration Circle. This proprietary system empowers brokers and agents to differentiate themselves from the competition. Agents who utilize a combination of traditional, mobile & digital marketing thru the Real Living Business Center attract more buyers and sellers. . The Real Living business center helps you stay focused on daily tasks while building a profitable business. Our promise to you is to integrate these new tools to maximize customer contact while increasing profitability.

4. Professional Development – Training and professional development is the foundation of any strong sales organization – and Real Living’s training is designed to be relevant for today’s agent. Online and live training is a key fundamental of the Real Living network. We promise to keep you “informed” of changes in the real estate industry and “deliver” specific knowledge to “compete” along with the “skills” to win in your marketplace.

5. Business Planning – The old adage, “If you don’t know where you’re going, how you will know if you’ve arrived?” applies here. Real Living brokers and agents have access to superior business planning tools to chart a path for growth and success. The new agent needs a “detailed plan with accountability”… while an experienced agent needs a “coach and a benchmark”...Our commitment is to help you chart a path for continuous growth in your business while maintaining a balance in life.

Don’t Delay..Real Living is the Solution!! Contact us or call Tony Marino 407-468-2004 for Confidential Consultation… We look forward to working with you.