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Itty Bitty Neighborhood - Great Big History

Located just east of Downtown, Cabbagetown is home to the Fulton Bag Mill, the Mill's factory housing and even some direct descendants of the factory workers.

No one really knows why Cabbagetown is called Cabbagetown.  Local historians trace the name to the early 1900s when poor Scottish and Irish mill workers would grow cabbage in their yards.  According to writings of the day, the whole area smelled like cooked cabbage.  While more affluent Atlanta residents called the area Cabbagetown in a negative way, the residents claimed it as their own and took great pride in being know as Cabbagetowners - and that's the one thing that hasn't changed since 1880.

The Fulton Bag Mill closed in 1977 and, with that, the neighborhood slid into a rather troubled state.  However, as with most intown neighborhoods, beginning in the early 1990s, Cabbagetown started seeing signs of new life.  Local artists loved the location and the unconventional vibe the neighborhood offered.  As Atlanta prepared for the 1996 Olympics, the Fulton Bag Mill was converted into loft housing, Cabbagetown got a new central park, new shopping opportunities, and a lot of new residents.

Home to Atlanta's historic Oakland Cemetery, today's Cabbagetown is a funky mix of shops, restaurants, housing, and residents.  From the large lofts to large farm homes, to the unique mill town shot-gun styled homes, you'll find a little bit of everything here!


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